Periodic review of merger progress

After you have decided how to integrate, managing and reviewing the integration should continue. To reap the benefits of integration, it is particularly important to plan for its review and finish strongly. Reviewing the progress of the merger should be a standing item on the agenda of the board meetings of the newly merged entity.

First, consider whether the integration process could be improved, with questions such as:

  • œ  Are we meeting deadlines?
  • œ  Are we within budget?
  • œ  What is preventing us from implementing this merger better?

Second, and only when sufficient time has passed that it makes sense to do so, consider questions about the impact of the merger on your service users, such as:

  • œ  What are we actually doing differently?
  • œ  What is the impact on our staff and organisational culture?
  • œ  What is the impact on our finances?
  • œ  What is the impact on our reputation?
  • œ  How have the outcomes for our service users changed as a result of this merger

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