Nous Group

Nous Group is Australia’s leading locally owned management consulting firm, with offices and experienced consultants throughout the country and in the UK. 

We exist to achieve positive influence, and work with clients to improve society’s well-being, delivering outstanding results on projects critical to their success.

This toolkit draws on our extensive experience working with NFP leaders to make the complex problems they face more navigable. We support organisations to develop and implement new strategies, manage organisational transformation and cultural change, design and implement new programs for clients and implement more efficient and effective back-of-house systems.

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Whitelion is a Victorian based NFP established over 16 years ago to opens doors to opportunities, positive relationships and community connections for youth at risk aged between 10 to 25 years old. The young people Whitelion works with are among the most disadvantaged members of our community who often come from extremely abusive families, including sexual, drug or alcohol abuse. 

Whitelion has successfully undertaken over three mergers with other youth-focused organisations over the past ten years. Whitelion is frequently called upon to share the wisdom and experiences that it gained through these mergers.

If you would like Whitelion’s leaders to share their experiences and advice with you board members or senior leaders please email